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Auditions are informal, and intended to see how well you can meet the demands of the orchestra. We will ask you to play a solo piece representing your abilities and a short orchestral excerpt (sent to you when the audition is scheduled). We rehearse Tuesday evenings for 6-8 weeks before a concert from 7:00-9:30 pm. We have three regular concerts (October/November, February, June), and we do a choral concert in late April or early May. We also periodically do run-out performances to communities like Yelm and Chehalis. We play a lot of core repertoire, or pieces that are adjacent to core repertoire. For instance, a concert may include a Mozart overture, a Beethoven symphony, and some opera excerpts. We are a mixture of professional musicians, community members, and talented high school and college students. 


We audition at all times for all positions, even if we are full at the time, we need substitutes.


Schedule your audition by filling out the form below. 


Basic expectations of orchestra members include:

-Making a commitment to play all performances for the season, unless there is a planned absence or emergency, such as illness.


-Attending every rehearsal unless there is a planned absence or emergency.


-Learning your parts to the best of your ability as soon as possible so rehearsals can be rehearsals, not practice sessions.


-Keeping track of your music from the point you pick it up until you promptly turn it in at the end of each concert.


-Respecting the conductor, our patrons, your fellow musicians, technical staff such as sound and light techs, and our hosts at each venue.

Come Play With Us!

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon!

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